Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Zen May Be Real

Zen seems to be real in my life. While most religions and such require you to believe, to have faith, merely because they have said so, Zen does not ask this sort of non-sense.  There is no deity to worship, no heaven, no hell. Just life.

In my last post I mentioned how one notion of Zen is non-attachment, of an attitude of not allowing life to move you from center when great things or bad things come your way. I feel this is something I have been able to integrate into who I am and I still am feeling OK with the theft that has recently happen to my home. I don't like it and have feelings about it, yet I am pushing on ahead and not allowing thoughts of vengeance or why did this happen to me and so on to take hold. 

I have replaced my computer and have been able to download a bunch of files I have stored with my Google account. However, I have not backed them up in a few months so have lost a fair amount. But now I have setup an online account with Dropbox. It is a free online backup which backs up continuously so you don't have to remember to do this--like I have forgotten to do. I like it and now feel secure that no matter what happens to my computer I can now retrieve all my files anytime and from any computer!

I have also installed lights behind my Travel Crib, which I have been thinking of doing for sometime! This in itself may have prevent the burglary. Who knows. The thing I am trying to share is the emotional freedom I feel in not getting bent out of shape over what happened or holding on to other negative emotions.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

An Opportunity for Zen

Well, my home was burglarized this past week.  My computer, TV and a number of other small items were taken. Fortunately, my guitars  & amp were not. And even more amazing, I had  about forty grand in open credit cards in a small drawer on the shelf unit which the bums went through but did not get to! However, they also took an extra set of keys I had & a bottle of nice bourbon.

So, why is this a Zen opportunity. Well, one of the aspects of Zen is non attachment. When something really good happens the view is, interesting. When something bad happens the view is, interesting. Well, I am doing a decent job of being in that space. I still feel hurt and violated, yet, I feel centered and OK about who I am and my life.

A religion or philosophy are not really any good if they don't help you in day-to-day life. I can say that Zen is helping me right now, More words count less.