Sunday, September 23, 2012

An Opportunity for Zen

Well, my home was burglarized this past week.  My computer, TV and a number of other small items were taken. Fortunately, my guitars  & amp were not. And even more amazing, I had  about forty grand in open credit cards in a small drawer on the shelf unit which the bums went through but did not get to! However, they also took an extra set of keys I had & a bottle of nice bourbon.

So, why is this a Zen opportunity. Well, one of the aspects of Zen is non attachment. When something really good happens the view is, interesting. When something bad happens the view is, interesting. Well, I am doing a decent job of being in that space. I still feel hurt and violated, yet, I feel centered and OK about who I am and my life.

A religion or philosophy are not really any good if they don't help you in day-to-day life. I can say that Zen is helping me right now, More words count less.

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