Sunday, May 6, 2012

Looking For a Name for My Sculptures

I have a name for my jewelry, "Soular Wind Jewelry Collection." Soular Wind is a name that came to me over forty years ago. I used that name for my band back in the good 'ol daze. This name is reflected in my jewelry which will have definite shapes, however, my sculpting has a different feel and will not have as definite shapes.

 I call my technique Shape Shifting Sanding. This is because the shape of the wood changes by what the grain brings out as I watch it move like a movie. My work has an almost aquatic feel to it, however, it's not really about the ocean.

Here are some pictures:

Here are some of the names I am working with. Please give me your feedback as to which one you like, or a name you think would be good:

  1.  Fluid  Motion Sculptures 
  2. Flowing Wood Grain Sculpture  
  3. Shape Shifting Sculptures  
  4. Wave Form Sculptures 

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