Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Practice Retirement is Over

I have considered the last couple of months as a practice retirement. (I don't like the word retirement but will use it for now. I plan an article addressing this sad word) It has been very good for me, but now I will be returning to my second career as a professional driver. The cool thing about this new job is that it will be local, which means I'll be home in my own bed every night!!! Also, the company I will be driving for is local and family owned. I get some really good vibes with everyone I have met so far.

The main thing that has evolved for me with this time out from working is that I now feel less fearful as to how I will handle retirement. The fear has been that I would sort of shut down and not do much. I have seen this all to often where a man retires and then goes down that proverbial hill rather fast. I believe this is because of no longer really being engaged with life. In addition to this concern I also am not set up financially for the status qua framework of retirement. In other words I'll have to work till I die!

Here is where this blog & online store come in. I have held a vision of creating a livelihood that I could do comfortable through the years using my talents and skills with woodworking, as well as with sculpting, writing, music and maybe ever a little bit of magic. This is where I have been able to use this time out to focus on my vision and have made some fantastic progress with it!

I have no idea as to what sort of energy I will keep up with my business with getting back to the work world, however, things are in place and the fact that I will be home daily and off weekends gives me hope I can keep it on track. However, I understand that I am more of a non-linear character and know that my flow will come and go, yet always to return to my dreams!  

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