Monday, June 17, 2013

Exponential Thinking!

This past week my mind has been blown every which way but loose--or should I say looser. A friend forwarded an email with a guy named, Peter Diamandis and he is talking about exponential thinking. I have watched numerous of his videos and really like what he is sharing.

Here is a video for you to check out, if you dare:)    Peter Diamandis

Then I came across this article and video on Huffington Post: The B Team ,   The B Team Video

I don't feel up to going into depth in this post because I am a bit exhausted from all the energy that has been stirred up with me. I have gone a major shift in the way I am seeing the world. I now realize that I have actually been seen things from a polarity consciousness. Now I feel enabled to move more into a unity consciousness due in part to the above links.

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