Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Toys!

Got myself some new toys for my Travel Shop and business. Feel a bit crazy buying tools when I'm not working, but I am following my dream, my passion, my hope for a way to support myself beyond a normal working life. 

I got a spindle sander & scroll saw. Both are going to help me be productive and allow my creativity to flow.

It feels good to be moving on this path I have longed for far too long! And it feels good to trust my Life and believe in me and who I truly am. It's a bit scary as well, but I am choosing not to let fear run my life anymore.



  1. Nice shop and tools Dennis! Watched Jeliala the other day - nothing profound but she's a good spirit. I enjoy her committment too. (as well as yours). Hope it works out for you. Are the pendent patterns for display as art when completed? Ron

    1. Thanks Ron.

      I will put pictures of pendants on this blog when I get some made up. I will be using the pictures for my online store at when I get it setup. Right now I'm just getting the shop side of things rolling.