Monday, April 23, 2012

The Work of Creative Vision
Got an initial business card going. It's OK, however, what I like is the idea that my pieces will have a similar shape in order to set up production, but each one will be different like how snowflakes have a basic overall shape yet each one is unique.  The basic cutout will be the production part and then the shape shifting sanding is where they will all be just a bit different.

And now the work to the vision! I been having fun buying tools and setting up my Travel Shop to get ready to produce product, but now I am up against the work of making templates and prototypes. I am having a tough time getting the templates the way I want them! Hence the work. Also just getting used to the tools and materials and how to work 'em will take a bit of time.

Soular Expressions
Creative Expressions of Inner Visions
Repeating Styles each as Unique as a Snowflake

Dennis “C’Ja” Bergfeld

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