Friday, April 20, 2012

So, what is soul? If you can answer this, you don't know. Oh, how Zen!

I am no longer concerned so much about "knowing the answer." My concern now is more about living more from my heart, my center, my spirit, of expressing the soulfulness of who I am. Too many years have been spent trying to distance myself from ego, the world, in search of a higher meaning to life. Too many years have been spent in aloofness because I knew that I am more than what I appear to be so I haven't had to really partake in this so called 3D reality; I just needed to do time until I could be free to soar through the cosmos and finally be who I truly am.

While I still love to entertain the great questions, I now desire to just follow my heart, my inspiration, which isn't all the easy to do in this world, whether it be 3D or not. But I do know what I feel in my body, in my chest, like when I cut loose with my guitar or imagine shapes of things to create in wood. Perhaps this may be soul. Yeah, it is this feeling I need to express in order to express soul. Least wise, this is how I am seeing it or should I say feeling it?

It seems like the world is going through changes of the old passing away as the new comes into being. However, it's more like a clearing away of what has been hiding what IS. I feel this in me. It is not a matter of becoming something new or fixing the old but of just allowing who I truly am to be more present, to shine like a new day sun, which really isn't new, just a return.

I am in somewhat of a major transition in my life--Ah, it's just Life. Anyway, I am coming up on sixty, lost a career and not sure of my ability to get another job. I accept this situation as a way for my Life to help me find what is best for me. I have been thinking a lot of changes I want to make in my life but just continued to keep doing the same thing out of a belief that this is what I need to do for security. A result of this has been high blood pressure and not really feeling too good about how I have been living.

I am not sure of what is to come. All I know is that this path I am now walking feels good to my feet. Just as doors have closed, they are opening for me as I take the next step. I feel this is the path of soul; trusting in Life to take me where it is best for me, and those I care about.

Soul Expressions is sort of the umbrella for this phase of my Life journey. It is like the arrow pointing my Way. It is a feeling in my chest and a vision in my mind's eye. The beginning part of this expression is a line of jewelry that embraces this inner vision, this heart feeling. There are shapes I see and feel and while not particularly innovative or amazing, they are my Soul Expressions.

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