Thursday, April 26, 2012

Non Linear Dream Coming Together!

I've been in my Travel Shop a good part of the day and making some great progress with producing product! The new tools I have gotten are really working well. Along with what I have I am pretty much set to kick out the Soular Wind Jewelry Collection

This is a dream that goes back, well, what now seems like lifetimes ago. When Valerie, our sons mom, and I were first together I was working on a planter box business I wanted to do through mail order. Part of the dream was that we could live anywhere, just as long as we were near a post office. I came up with some great designs, but I lacked the business expertise to get it off the ground. I did get an order from Japan and a catalog request from Pakistan.

That faded and when I got into the carpenter apprentice program the dream was to get a trailer for tools and be able to travel around using the Union hiring halls to get work.. Then that faded.  

Fast forward a bit to when I switched careers from cabinet maker & designer to commercial driving. During this time I bought a motor home I call my, Travel Crib. Later on I got a utility trailer I call my Travel Shop. While I was driving as a local driver in Portland I began to set up my Travel Shop.

I went back to over the road driving. It started off OK in that of being home two days a week, but then it got to be two or more weeks on the road. I had some great experiences in seeing so much of this land, but it wore on me living out of a truck and being gone so long. But more, I lost my dream. I thought about it--had way to much time driving just to think--but wasn't able to do much about it.

Now I am back on track and getting excited! This unplanned time out from working is really paying off for me. It is allowing me the time needed to get back on track in my own time, which non-linear (I'll be writing more about this later). Basically all the attempts in the past and the bits & pieces I have put together through the decades are now coming together. 

I know that this refreshed phase of my dream with fade--but never fade away--as the reality of needing to get back to work for a livelihood get closer, however, I am fully enjoying the moment! 

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